Helping Hands Ministry

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The Helping Hands Ministry came into being in April 2014.

We have successfully helped families, seniors and the poor of our city stretch their food supply.
The ministry provides food hampers, linens, towels and blankets. We are limited in funding and rely on our church members to fulfill our mandate.
Our clients can call upon us once a month, in understanding that ours is an emergency service.
More than half of our families are single parents living in poverty. Their children sent off to school without breakfast, and many times without a lunch, simply because there is no food for them.
If you have never been hungry it is hard to imagine such a situation, for these parents every day is a search for ways to get food for their family .
Their sleep is never easy because of the worry for, and the emotional pain of what to do for their hungry children.
These parents  are worn down with this poverty, needs gnaw at their being hollowing out hope for today or the future.
Our church can help our families have a couple of days of less worry. They can have a good nights sleep and peace for a while. This is a mighty gift! Not just for their bellies, but for their soul and their heart. How can we not help?
Each offering large or small, gives the gift of Jesus' love for the poor,  for the sinner and the saints.

Betty O'leary  
Seventh Day Adventist Church