Mobility Aids Outreach

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It began July 12th 2012 with the first piece of equiptment


1) The overall issue our church is trying to address is that of the complex health
problems associated with immobility .. The lack of independence and helplessness, of
being house-bound, without recourse to equipment to help maintain their
independence and health. The depression, the loss of self esteem and- feelings of
hopelessness may, at times, lead to suicide.

2) Our plan is to obtain wheelchairs, canes, crutches, scooters and any equipment
each of our clients may need according to their health issue.
We have, and are planning to continue .asking our community to donate gently used
units of equipment whenever possible. We will also accept any monetary donations we
are blessed with.
To date we have received many such items of equipment which have already been
gifted to those in need.

3) The people we serve will be those of limited income, those living in poverty, those
living alone and wanting to stay in their homes, maintaining their independence. The
working poor who do not have health insurance which covers their needs of mobility
aids equipment. Those who are struggling with a child who out grows equipment
where replacement is an ongoing expense.
To date we have served 32 people over a two year period. With funding and
advertising, we estimate that over the next year that number of clients will grow to twice
that amount or more.
Our ministry has created a written form with all pertinent information (name, date,
address. etc.) to keep track of what has been gifted, when and to whom.
4) This is an ongoing project designed to cater anyone in need of our service.

5) The address of our service is that of the Campbell River SDA Church. Clients and
equipment donators may call our volunteer's cell phone or leave a message at the

6) In searching for a way to serve the people of our city, we wanted to offer a service
that no other church or organization has undertaken. We believe that this project
addresses a genuine and ongoing need.

7) We have been involved in bringing our ministry to the community for the past two
years and hope to continue indefinitely.

8) At this time the project includes a coordinator and one volunteer. However many
people in our church community are interested in seeing our project grow and help
when they can .

 9) We are not partnered with any organization at this time, but would welcome any
            help offered to us in this project.