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Community Services Report,
for the ATTENTION of:
Pastor Cote
Church Community.

As the co-ordinator of the MOBILITY PROJECT I am happy to say that we have gifted thirty two people in the two
years of operation. Many of the people with several pieces of eaquipment.
All are very happy to be relieved from their pain as well as their increase of mobility.
Our storage rental is full of equipment ready to go to those in need, funds are low from the ADRA grant of $2,400.00
given to us. However, I have asked for another and pray we will again be blessed by ADRA grant ..

Our second ministry is called HELPING HANDS. This ministry provides food hampers, linens, towels and blankets
to single parent families, working poor and hungry people of all positions. We are limited in our funding and rely on
our church members to fulfill our mandate.

I am pleased to say that most are stepping up to help the ministry. Up to a month ago we had been given referrals from
Paul Geohagen of the Homeless Advocacy Centre. Sadly, Paul has passed away. However, I am looking forward to
working with the new Advocate in the future. Our Ministry has helped 30 families since August of2014. Many
families every month, others every two or three months. Also 3 families with Christmas hampers. All three with

There has been two newspaper articles outlining our church ministries. The aim of these articles is to bring our church
into the public eye to show that we are a caring and loving church community. To come out of the
shadows and join the community as a whole, working hand in hand with other agencies in the city.

With these aims in mind, I hope that all of us here in our church family can come together and make our church a
beacon of caring and safety to any seeking help. More importantly, those wanting to discover the love of God
and the safety to be found in the arms of Jesus. He can lessen life's burdens we human beings encounter
every day.

Yours in His service

Betty O'Leary
Community Service.